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Who is a "Chettai"?

What does the word "chettai" mean? Does it relate to a feeling, is it a person or is it a particular behavioural aspect? A "chettai" is a person who assumes the role of a fatherly figure for the entire family. In simple terms, he is the big brother you would almost unassumingly turn to in times of joy and sorrow. He would give you a shoulder to cry on and the wings to fly with. He is the one who knits the entire family together.

Many of us may be able to recollect someone in the family who may have been the cornerstone for the familys sustenance. He would have lightened the load on his fathers shoulders by working to generate an income at a very young age. A chettai would have immigrated to a different place or country in search of a career that would help his people back home lead a better life. In most cases, he would have started from the lowest echelons of society; working hard, day in and day out, trying to save every single penny.

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Feel free to reach out to all chettais through the forum. You can also use the forum to connect with Johny Chettai himself. Share your feelings and opinions to help build your community and put in place a foundation for our younger generation.

Visit Johny Chettais blog to know more about him, his thoughts, activities, interests, events & special occasions that are close to his heart. Please take time out to read and post your comments.

'... his enthusiasm and optimism in life is contagious.'

A "chettai" chooses his family as his career, with the goals of getting his sisters married, brothers educated and parents recuperated. With so much going on, he may not even have had the time to finish his basic education. He is the epitome of selfless love that keeps people in his family coming back to him and thereby making him the chettai of the family.

The chettai theme attracts people since he understands their feelings, their goals and their fears. He nurtures them by making them confident about themselves, mentors them by influencing them with his experience & knowledge and helps them grow and flourish using their own talent and skill. The family keeps coming back to chettai because their worlds look better, as his enthusiasm and optimism in life is contagious. He would lighten your damp spirit, celebrate every achievement and try to make things more interesting.

Stretch the circle wider is a philosophy around which a chettai orients his life. He is an instinctively accepting person who accommodates people, their needs, gives them a patient hearing and then tries to take the best decisions possible for them.

He defies challenges with his head held high, treads paths that are usually not taken and makes his own way. His unflinching and never-say-die attitude is what sees him through diverse challenges.

On this note, welcome to, a site dedicated to all the chettais of the world the unsung heroes.